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A fintech data landscape

Updated: Mar 9

Do not let my recent quietness fool you, I am back with a series of posts about data, infrastructure, data usage, business decisions that have been done using data, and many more.

It is going to be a journey in the Revolut data landscape, covered in multiple posts but rest assured I will advertise them on all social platforms so you will not miss any of it!


Quite recently, I talked about how we do data at Revolut during the Big Data Week event. Being half an hour presentation, I did my best to show a helicopter view but also dive into some interesting details, but you can check it out yourself how it turned.

However, If you are more of a reading type, I intend to write a series of posts that will describe the data landscape, how it has been developed, managed, and intensively put to work.

In each of them, I will dive into a specific part of the whole infrastructure, explain with more detail the reasoning behind it and why certain decisions were done.

The short story

Every story has at least two versions:

The long story where the whole journey of rescuing the princess is detailedly described, the prince going through all the trials and slaying the dragon and all;

The short story where all you need to know is that the princess is safe and sound;

The focus of this article is both to describe the short story but also to enlist the topics of the long story, to give a glimpse of what is to come.

And so, I present to you the short story!

Revolut Data infrastructure
Revolut Data infrastructure

Nice huh? I mean I am proud of knowing how to use and create this, but in all fairness, it does not say much (points are given to the ones who recognize icons, and know the technical slang)

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