• Stefan Opariuc

How I ended up at #Revolut

Hei there Revolut, it's me, Stefan!

My first experience with Revolut was by being a customer, and progressively I became more and more attracted to the product itself. And so after almost one year, I made my first contact with them, and I applied for a Backend Developer job.

I remember being extremely excited to be even in the talks with this fintech unicorn. However, that experience ended pretty fast since they were not looking for professionals working remotely.

Little did I know that in the same period Revolut was in the midst of creating their program of European Growth and a few weeks later the job of City Community Manager - Iasi has been opened.

Yet again I found myself on their career page applying for a job.

The job itself requires a bit more than I have ever done. It is needed to build the community, be ever present at the events and be the face of Revolut and in my experience, I have mostly worked also driven communities and built teams.

Three thrilling weeks

So there I was, in the pre-screening part of the recruitment process, having a nice chat with Carmen Popa-Nemoiu about what would I do if I was to be Community Manager. It was something new, fresh for me. This discussion led to the next phase, a home-task that was meant to put my money where my mouth was.

The home task had 3 parts that tested my skills in organizing events, discuss with the customers, making sure they have a great experience with Revolut and lastly to pitch myself as Revolut representative to attend different events.

It was pretty straight forward. Not easy (I wanted to ace it, so I was attentive at all the small details; also it's one of my defects..sorry, quality :) ) yet I felt an immense accomplishment after I got the end result. I was really happy with what I did.

After the home task, I had a call with Ieva Elvyra Kazakeviciute, the PR and Community Manager of the whole Northern Europe ( pressure). I really appreciated the down to earth attitude and the flow of the discussion; it was we were colleagues for months now and I was sharing my insights on what should be done, what I would do, what I would keep the focus on and what I'll be delivering. The fact that it ended with Ieva saying "See you around" gave me a quick boost of confidence that I did well.

Last part of the process was a call with Irina Scarlat the Country Manager of Romania. I remembered her from interviews, talks and different public appearances. I knew she was spot on, direct, not really willing to cope with bull**it, so I brought my A-Game in this talk. It mostly went over things already discussed with Ieva and Carmen, yet she was seeing me as a potential member for her team, so I in my mind the stake was even higher.

The discussion ended with her proposing me to join her team. I checked my fitness bracelet and it spiked to 130 BPMs. Now here I was, after a process that took around 3 weeks, with a proposal to be part of Revolut's disruption. I will let you guess what was my answer.

So all that is left to say to these three women is a big Thank You for the awesome experience, aaand let's go back to work!

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