• Stefan Opariuc

Meeting Ness community

In the recruitment process, I have been asked more than once what exactly I would do if I were to be a community manager, and my consistent answer was: "I want to meet the community and raise awareness of someone from Revolut being present in it.".

And here I am, putting my money where my mouth is; yesterday I went to Ness and talked with them about Revolut, and it was awesome!

Execution of the plan

In my endeavour to get in touch with as many communities as possible, I started to reach out to different persons I knew who could arrange a meet with their colleagues.

With the "master-plan" in mind, it turned out in a series of e-mails, coffees and really good talks and so I got to talk with Iulia, HR Lead at Ness, a really nice IT company here in Iasi.

She was really responsive and helpful (she helped me to recover a forgotten USB-C adapter) and made possible for me to meet the Ness community.

One week later, there I was, on a Thursday afternoon, with a ping-pong table in the middle and a really engaged crowd around, finding out how they see Revolut, presenting new things that will be rolled-out and responding to different questions.

I had high expectations and they were fully met! And afterwards, the cherry on top was a really good conversation with some "after-party" guys that gave awesome input regarding the product.

The first hit

Revolut greets Ness!

Ness was the first that responded to the challenge and I really appreciate both the openness and the warm welcoming. Seeing such awesome people made my sweaty palms and sour throat to go away and turned everything in a really enjoying experience!

I had planned to take a selfie with them, tried to capture the really nice vibe, but unfortunately, I got so caught up in the moment that it was all over until I realised that I did not get my phone out of the pocket.

What now?

The last call I made is still there! You, the one reading, I want to meet you. Let's get in touch, grab a cup of coffee and just talk.

With this awesome start, I am more energised and more willing to get create such awesome experiences!

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