• Stefan Opariuc

My first day at #Revolut

So my 1st of April just ended. I'd say that the awakening at 4:30 am is an April's fool joke, but it's not. My first day at Revolut started early but I enjoyed every second of it after 10 (you can see what happened until 10 in my earlier post).

I got to meet the team with whom I'll be working; right now we're 3 guys and 3 gals. Perfect balance. We got to know each other a bit, but then we got directly to business; being our first day Irina Scarlat (our manager) made sure to show us what it means to "Get **it done" and we deep-dived into the induction process.

Overall it went smooth; we got more insight on the product itself, the ways of communicating with the end-users and also a good chunk of stories and lessons learned. Personally, I am hooked. I love the way how this awesome fintech built such an amazing product and at the same time implementing complex, scalable and reliable systems.

The day ended up with beers and sandwiches. Oh yes and with an awesome meet-up in the form of #RevRally, where Val Scholz (Head of Engagement) talked more about future plans.

The event continued with a network session of 1 hour which turned easily in 2 (of course, the beer helped).

Being such a fresh experience, I wanted to share it; so, here it is, a post written from a fake leather couch from a really cosy airbnb apartment.

P.S:This is my experience with Revolut. It's not an official statement, it's not a post presenting Revolut's culture or way of doing things. This is my experience and it is highly subjective so please treat it as such.

P.P.S: Written in the night, posted the following day. So stay tuned I will be posting more here about this awesome ride!

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