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#Revolut experience

So today was my second day in Revolut London office. Tomorrow I'm flying back to Romania and I will take full advantage of the 3 hours flight to let this awesome experience sink.

There is so much to talk about, but I'll keep it as short as I can, still, it might turn into a pretty long reading; dunno yet, we'll see how it goes.

I want to mention first the most important and remarkable thing: people. In a 2 days visit, packed with a lot of meetings, I've met one of the most remarkable minds in the fintech industry. Data scientists to Growth managers, Legal department to Business development, all of them were so eager to share the awesome things they were working on.

I got to meet the Vlad the co-founder of Revolut, Chad the one kicking-ass when it comes to communication and last but not least Nikolay the CEO... yea... it's a bit intimidating at first but after a while, it looks so normal to see him just strolling through the office.

Oh, and the office. Let me tell you, I've seen some open space offices but none has ever compared to Revolut's. Space itself is awesome: everything is hi-tech, cool and awesome videos playing on TVs, and some really cool neons that cheer for you (see cover).

Always "Bring your A game"

But this is just the requisite. The vibe is even more impressing. Everyone is focused, has the eye on the ball and just gets it done. Being it at the desks, in the kitchen area, in the booths, everywhere you can feel the commitment and the responsibility giving 100% and a bit more.

It's a bit eye-opening to see how a unicorn start-up, with a disruptive idea, backed-up by a great product can grow as such a fast pace.

I agree, I might be really excited cause it's my first days here, true, but not even for a second have I seen any bulls**t.

So yea... this is it for now. I'm just gonna call it a day and start planning for the next actions as Community Manager; I've seen what it can be done when your putting your mind to it, so time to put mine.

P.S: Since I've seen it I really wanted to take a selfie with it. So time to "Get **it done"

Get **it done

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