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Status update: I've been busy!

A proud smile

This blog is going to start with my face, smiling. I was happy, just putting to an end a really pleasant conversation with some awesome students with a curiosity of what is Revolut about.

That was more than 2 weeks ago. I know. I was lazy and did not share that much on this blog; but here it is, my:

Status Update

I've been busy!


I got to host my first RevRally, an event that gathers Revolut users and curious minds. I got to present how we are performing in Romania and in Iasi and how does the future look for both Revolut and it's users.

Awesome is a bit too little to describe how awesome it was... wait, what... twice in the same sentence; yes, it was a great experience.

I can't know if any of the participants will read this, but thanks!

Thanks for the non-frequent-and-repetitive questions, for the beer talk afterwards and for the support shown. This energy keeps me going and wanting to meet more and more fintech-enthusiastic persons.


This is a series of events designed so I can get in touch with different communities.

So far Ness, an outsourcing company gave the start and others followed.

It's all about meeting, chatting about how Revolut puts you in control of your money and share insights about future plans; by far the most important part is the discussions at the end where I encourage to discuss specifics and helping with different unclarities.

Yonder was the second one to join the journey!

Endava was the third one!

And this is just the beginning, more and more companies are interested in getting greeted by Revolut, and maybe, you, the one reading can help me meet your community!


As mentioned in the first paragraph, I was invited to talk about being aware of your financial status with students attending an event organised by BEST Iasi called JobShop.

After the big smile at the beginning of the blog, you can easily assume that it was a nice experience.

The hands-on experience was much appreciated. It was a bit of a hassle not to share my card details, but they did like the practical approach and they started to fiddle with Revolut application right away!

Breaking Barriers event was another opportunity from NLP events to talk about Revolut's journey.

I got to share insights on how from a real problem, unicorns arise and how we approached the challenge of the product being a global one, with teams in more cities in the world.

Even though it was almost 6 pm when I had this talk, I noticed some forward-leaning in the audience, curiosity validate also by the questions in the end.

The endings are always getting me to bite my nails, they have to be good ones, with a cliff-hanger.

So... here is mine:

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