• Stefan Opariuc

This year I celebrate with Revolut

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be turning 25.

But this is not my only celebration reason. I'm celebrating the fact that I am part of an awesome team representing an even more awesome product.

The me part

I'm still young, Revolut employee speaking, yet I'm enjoying this experience at it's fullest.

Got to talk to students about how they can be financially aware and responsible; got to talk to drivers of different communities in Iasi; got to talk to people passionate about civic duty, technology, fintech, blockchain, you name it.

I got to enjoy the journey as a user for almost over a year and now as a part of the Revolut team for over a month.

I am part of Revolut's growth, I'm responsible for the growth, I care for its community and I enjoy every minute of it!

The it part

Revolut is turning 1. One full year of being present in Romania, having a voice in the communities, being present in meet-ups, and for over a 250.000 of citizens, a part of their life.

Numbers.. 25, 1, 250.000, 1 billion... but all it resumes to experience. It started as your travel companion and turned in so much more.

The added value that it brings is the strongest selling point and that is why over 4 million persons chose to trust it with their money.

The we part

We are a first full-scale team with a clear goal and a "Get **it done" attitude.

Irina is rocking at managing the whole team and the growth;

Carmen is doing an amazing job on marketing and together with Adelina on public relations, they form a great dynamic-duo in making Revolut an awesome brand;

Nik is focused on business development and with no spoilers, I guarantee you'll see the result of his work real soon.

5 people, 5 driven Revolut fanatics, 5 roles with 1 goal: Grow.

P.S: I wanted to put a picture of the team here, yet there is not one; last time we were too focused and missed the moment. But stay tuned, I'm gonna get at least a selfie!

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