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Vacation is over, let's Get It Done!

I confess, the title is a bit of a clickbait since I was not vacationing, but rather I have been busy. However, I did neglect this blog and I want to make up for that!

Career change

Today starts a new week in the new direction I chose for my career, being a data-savvy.

Revolut started a Business Intelligence department, well it existed before, but now it has more than one member and I am a part of it as Data Analyst.

Sure I've always worked with data in my career, but more in the part of consuming it in Web Applications.

Now I'm in the position of managing it, understand it and display it in ways it makes sense and supports business decisions taken in developing strategies. It sounds pompous, but what it means is that I'm right in the middle of Data and Business and need to make them play nice together.

Way of working

Moving towards a whole new direction created a ripple effect that impacted more than what I'm doing as a professional but also how I'm doing it.

Transitioning from working with a local team to working with a remote team is definitely interesting. It's still happening, I'm still getting adjusted with this and for sure it gives me a lot of food for thought.

From being in the middle of teams of 4, 6, 10 and also leading them to be in the middle of my kitchen and connecting through hangouts at 11:30 to sync with the guys from London, one can only notice that there are some things different.

I don't know which suits me better, it's too early to say. First step was to change the kitchen cosy ambient with a co-working space (at least I don't have to boil water each morning to do my coffee ) where I can also connect with other guys.

What's next


Yet for another time I successfully put myself in a position where I'm constantly learning and developing. I'm not saying that I was slouching before, but the pace at Revolut is ten times faster than the usual and the speed at which you need to absorb knowledge and develop skills is fascinating and I love it.

The end

The ending note is one of making a promise, to write here as much as possible of the new journey.

It might get geeky, it might not don't know yet, but if you're curious about how we do data things at Revolut look after my next blog posts.


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